Virtual Reality Experiences

At VR-chitects we support the building process by making architectural space understandable for everyone. Through Virtual Reality we invite you to take a step into your future space and explore the ins- and outs of a design.

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Explore design choices collaboratively and discuss the possibilities of the design with your team. Our approach will place you and your team in the driver seat and will enable you to make important decisions, live, in VR.


Discover what worlds we are proudly bringing to life with the use of

Virtual Reality.


Architectural Engineering Expo

TU Delft

VR-chitects is supporting the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft by enabling graduate students to present their projects in virtual expositions. Bridging the physical gap left by the COVID-19 crisis, but also offering completely new ways to share their work.


Posters, renders, photos, videos and complete 360 tours of student projects are all found together in a coherent virtual space. The expositions form not only an all-inclusive way of sharing work, but also form a new type of database that can be used and shared by students and teachers indefinitely.


Schools of

the Future

With the power of Virtual Reality VR-chitects is helping schools think about the future of education. We invite teachers and students to think about what makes a succesfull education environment and together we translate their ideas and brainstorms into a design database made in VR.


With our Schools of the Future projects, we aim to give students and teachers access to the ability to think like an architect would and thereby put them in direct control of their school’s future.

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